Nutraceuticals ingredients

Nutraceuticals have taken up a central place in our lifestyles. Active natural and nutraceutical ingredients can help people to live a healthier life. That's why, after gaining a prominent space on the world's pharma map, Aurobindo steps up its presence in the healthcare sector. Please find our Nutraceutical brochure enclosed.

Pharmacin is able to offer a balanced range of nutraceutical products in all therapeutic areas based on Aurobindo's knowledge on nutraceuticals industry and the cooperation with first-class manufacturers.
These products, without compromising on quality, will be delivered with consistency and customized options under good manufacturing conditions.
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Highest quality products
Aurobindo's nutraceutical division will develop, manufacture and contract manufacture various key ingredients for major health and wellness formulations. These products of constant high quality are always produced under good manufacturing conditions and can be customized to match your specific needs.

Why nutraceuticals?
More and more people are growing more aware of the link between nutrition and health, especially the large group of aging baby boomers in industrialized countries. Also, the desire for natural alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical products grows. This developments made Aurobindo add high-quality nutraceutical ingredients to its product portfolio.

Development & manufacturing
Aurobindo's production is supported by a technologically advanced research & development infrastructure. This results in the development of new products and engagement up to the delivery of products to the market. Aurobindo owns eight state of the art formulation manufacturing facilities, located in India, USA and Brazil.

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